is still a game that carries the genre First-person shooter by presenting a variety of robots super large and strong. In the single player campaign, you will play as a fighter Jake Cooper whose goal is to free his native land by becoming a Titan pilot. With a ride on his new Titan robot named BT-7274, Jake must complete the mission to thwart the IMC camp plan. In the game Titanfall 2, you will be able to perform various actions such as acrobatic movements that can be controlled easily and very quickly. You can shoot the enemies while performing complex movements such as double jumps, wall runs, and slides. In addition, also provided a choice of various types of weapons that look familiar because it is commonly found in the games that carry FPS.

Available weapons such as grenades, rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, and so on equipped with advanced technology. In this Titanfall 2, you must try to defeat not only the Titan warriors or robots of the opposing camp, but also various other enemies like Alien as well as armed Android robot. Speaking of Android robots, play as well

The enemy's variations make you have to take different actions for different types of opponents. Meanwhile, the Titan BT robot driven by Jake also comes with a powerful crushed and explosive weapon. At a certain game level in Titanfall 2 Free Download, you will also be presented with a puzzle to be solved while avoiding the dangers that come.

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